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Federal Revenue in São Sebastião seizes 14 tons of counterfeit products

Items were estimated at R$ 3 millions.

Due to some actions carried out since May and coordinated by the Surveillance and Repression Group (GOR) of the North Coast of São Paulo, the Federal Revenue was able to identify the route and seize about 14 tons of counterfeit material from China.

The material was divided into small cargoes and was probably destined to supply the illegal trade in São Paulo downtown. Altogether, 11 seizures were made, with a total estimated value of R $ 3 million, including handsets and accessories bearing brands such as Samsung, Apple, Motorola and Disney.

For this action, the Division of Surveillance and Repression to Smuggling (Direp) of the 8th Fiscal Region, Santos Customs and the customs office of São José dos Campos were working together.


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