Police seizes counterfeit products at a mall in Barra da Tijuca and at Santos Dumont airport

All seized equipments were valued at R$ 3 million. Four people were arrested and will be prosecuted for counterfeiting.

Agents of the Delegacy of Repression to Crimes against Immaterial Property (DRCPIM), specialized in combating piracy, seized on Friday (10) counterfeit goods valued at R $ 1 million in Shopping Rio Design Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Zona Oeste of Rio, and another R $ 2 million in equipment at Santos Dumont Airport. At Rio Design, two people were taken to the headquarters of the police station, in the city of the Civil Police. The equipment was found at IDream store, which is inside the mall. The detainees will respond for the crime of counterfeiting. In a note, the IDream reported that the store at Rio Design mall is a franchise, and that it will gather information from the franchisee. "All suppliers are registered. We dislike any irregular conduct and will take action if necessary," the company said in a statement. The administration of the mall, according to the Civil Police, will also be subpoenaed as there is responsibility in the omission of the fight against the trade of pirate products. In a note sent by the press office, Rio Design Barra reported that "it has taken note of the actions of the authorities and clarifies that it will follow the case so that all the appropriate measures are taken by the owner of the store to regularize the operation." "The mall reinforces that it repudiates any and every act practiced in its premises that is illegal and reiterates that it remains at the disposal of the competent organs to contribute with what is necessary."

At Santos Dumont airport, DRCPIM police, coordinated by the delegate Mauricio Demetrio, seized another R $ 2 million in counterfeit electronic material. The equipment was found at S.O.S. Celulares, which is located in the boarding area of ​​Santos Dumont Airport. The area, according to the Civil Police, is the jurisdiction of the Federal Police and the responsibility of the concessionaire who manages the airport. Two people were taken by the agents and will be responsible for the crime of counterfeiting. The person in charge of the concession will also be subpoenaed, because, according to information from the police station, there is responsibility of the administration in the omission.

Source: https://g1.globo.com/rj/rio-de-janeiro/noticia/2018/08/10/policia-apreende-r-1-milhao-em-mercadorias-falsas-em

Disclosure/Civil Police: Equipments seized at the airport.

Disclosure/Civil Police: Counterfeit products found at the mall.