Operation seized more than R$ 2 million of illegal goods in Florianópolis downtown

A joint action on Tuesday afternoon in Florianópolis downtown seized more than R$ 2 million of illegal products being sold in three commercial galleries.

The operation brought together agents from the Federal Highway Police, Florianópolis Municipal Guard, Military Police, Civil Police, State Treasury Department, Federal Revenue, Anatel, Procon and Inmetro. There were also brand representatives who often have their products counterfeited.

Twenty-four stores were visited in the three sites inspected. All had no license to work and several stores had all the goods seized because they were counterfeit products, imitating famous brands. Others were selling imported goods without proof of payment of customs taxes. There were also establishments selling electronic products without the approval of Anatel or the certification of Inmetro. About 20,000 clothing were seized by Procon, including clothes and footwear. The amount of imported products seized by the Federal Revenue Service has not yet been informed.

The action was part of the Thematic Operation of Confronting Crimes Against Taxes and Public Health (OTEFIS). For three days Federal Highway and other institutions fought piracy and other tax crimes at BR 101 in Paulo Lopes and Barra Velha. This Tuesday (10/30/18), was the time to fight this type of crime in the state capital downtown.

Source: https://www.prf.gov.br/agencia/operacao-integrada-apreende-mais-de-r-2-milhoes-em-mercadorias-ilegais-no-centro-de-florianopolis/