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São Paulo City Hall closes store of counterfeit bags downtown

Three floor building was a store and storage place of 60.000 illegal goods.

On Thursday morning, the regional City Hall of Sé blocked a four-storey building at Rua 25 de Março downtown, which operated as a store and stock of counterfeit bags and backpacks. Among the brands, stand out for Chanel, Arezzo, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger and Schutz. A fake Chanel outfit, whose original price may cost more than 10,000 reais, was sold for 100.

In all, the City Hall has sent more than 120 agents, including civil guards, inspectors and workers who would carry the products. The action took place in partnership with official representatives of the brands, who mapped the place and denounced irregular trade. "The bags are made in clandestine factories scattered around the city, and the point worked, in addition to stock and commerce, so that the labels were placed on the bags. Nothing was done here, "says the sub-prefect of the See, Eduardo Odloak, who estimates the number of pieces seized at 60,000. "We'll need twenty to thirty trucks to take it all away." The owners of the space were not located and no one was detained.The merchandise will be sent to a municipal shed and the owners of the establishment have thirty days to present the defense. After that, the bags may be incinerated.


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