Police seized around 4 tons of counterfeit clothing at stores in Rio and Baixada

Investigations lasted more than one month and will continue

Oficials from the civil police of the Delegacy of Repression to Crimes against Immaterial Property (DRCPIM), seized on wednesday morning, 4 tons of counterfeit clothing valued at R$ 3 million. The itens were being sold at four stores belonging to the same owner, in Campo Grande, Madureira and also in Duque de Caxias, all in Rio de Janeiro.

The seizure happened at the same time in all stores. According to the delegate, Mauricio Demetrio, the investigations lasted around one month:

— These actions show that the crime of counterfeiting doesn't happen only at popular places and similiar action will be done soon.

Four managers were taken to the police station. The owners of the stores will be summoned and brought to justice for the crime of counterfeiting and formations of gangs. The sentence can be around 9 years.

Source: https://oglobo.globo.com/rio/policia-apreende-cerca-de-quatro-toneladas-de-roupas-falsificadas-em-lojas-do-rio-baixada-23236455