Federal Revenue seize 20 thousand pairs of sneakers and five thousand caps in São Paulo downtown.

The goods, according to the officials, was counterfeit or smuggled and would be sold by street vendors.

The Federal Revenue has seized 20,000 pairs of tennis shoes and five thousand caps near Largo da Concórdia, in Brás, in São Paulo downtown, on Monday. The material, according to the prosecutors, was counterfeit or smuggled and sold by street vendors.

The Federal Revenue arrived at the place after being activated by the City of São Paulo. The teams of the Metropolitan Civil Guard identified that in the region there was an atypical movement of street vendors and merchants.

The City Hall says it seized goods in five small warehouses in the last 15 days, and increased inspection to stifle the illegal trade and vacate the Brás sidewalks. The operation is concentrated between Largo da Concórdia, Avenida Rangel Pestana and Rua do Hipódromo, an area of ​​22 thousand square meters. "In that place there are around 330 thousand people a day, so people could not walk on the streets, they could not get off a bus, and as far as possible, this perimeter is being expanded," said Fabio Lepique, secretary executive of cabinet of Bruno Covas (PSDB). The City also says that it has removed 1200 camelos from the region and that only two have been granted authorization by a court injunction.

Fonte: https://g1.globo.com/sp/sao-paulo/noticia/2018/12/10/receita-federal-apreende-20-mil-pares-de-tenis-e-cinco-mil-bones-no-centro-de-sp.ghtml