Conducted by some BPG associates, and supported by the Metropolitan Civil Guard, big operation held

Shopping 25 de Março was closed after operation against counterfeiting.

Metropolitan Civil Guards suported the judicial decision after the request of a group of companies. The mall administration says the closure is disproportionate.

Shopping 25 de Março, in São Paulo downtown, was closed after a operation against counterfeiting on Thursday morning (14). The action was suported by the Metropolitan Civil Guard (GCM).

A group of 10 companies and brands filled, by the end of last year, the seizure of counterfeti products at the mall. The court granted the injunction authorizing the seizures and determining the immediate interdiction of the boxes that sell counterfeit products.

After the lawsuit, the City Hall canceled a 2017 agreement that kept the shopping center opened. The document was designed to combat smuggling and counterfeiting, which was not evident this morning.

In a statement, the mall administration says it considers the measure disproportionate. It added that since the signing of the agreement with the City Hall, "it has already rescinded more than 200 tenant contracts that did not comply or violated the rules of conduct."

"It is important to note that Shopping 25 de Março does not have the power to inspect goods sold by more than 1,200 stores, and punitive measures can only be adopted by the mall by complaint," the statement said (read the full below).

About 140 people participated in the operation, including 90 civil guards, as well as support staff and lawyers. More than 200 boxes were inspected. Officials waited outside the mall.