Operation closes popular mall in Brás and seizes 50 tons of goods

City Hall operation was held in a mall on Rua da Juta. Most of seizures were famous brands counterfeiting.

An anti-counterfeiting operation on Thursday morning (28) closed a popular mall in Brás, central area of São Paulo, and seized about 50 tons of products. The operation of the City Hall, with officials from the Metropolitan Civil Guard, was held after a court decision.

The mall is on Rua da Juta and has 120 boxes. Although the establishment has already been sealed, it is expected that the emptying of about one million counterfeit items will take two days. Most of the products were counterfeited clothing. The operation also found a hidden warehouse upstairs from the mall, which is accessed by a sort of secret passage. The stocks supplied street vendors.

The court's decision to search for and seize counterfeited goods was made following a request from a law firm representing five international brands. They claim they suffer millions of dollars from counterfeits. The mall will have the opportunity to make its defense, but as of today it is already closed," said Mayor Bruno Covas,h who accompanied part of the operation. In the decision authorizing the ban on the mall, the judge states that "it was found the commercialization of counterfeit goods and the existence of a large quantity of counterfeit products in the stands". The magistrate affirms that authorizes, in case of need, "police reinforcement and break-in of doors".