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Federal Revenue seizes 30 thousand watches during operation against counterfeiting in Brás, SP downt

Original trademarks made the complaint. Value of goods is approximately R$ 4.5 million

The Federal Revenue and the São Paulo City Hall seized 30,000 counterfeit watches in Brás, in the central region of São Paulo, during an operation against piracy held on Tuesday (23). Moments before the raid, merchants rushed to save the goods and close the doors of the stores, but this did not stop the action of the oficials, which had been undercover in recent months.

The operation happened after complaints of the original trademarks. "We have an intelligence check and so the action will be done in the stores with or without the presence of the interested party," said Alan Towesey, head of the Federal Revenue's smuggling division. By noon, the cargo seized was 10,000 counterfeit watches, enough to fill two trucks, and worth approximately R $ 1.5 million. In the middle of the afternoon, the inspectors reported that the seizure had risen to 30 thousand watches, with a total value of R $ 4.5 million. According to Towesey, the cargo will be destroyed. "It goes to the Federal Revenue warehouse, where it will be guarded and, after the process is completed, it goes to destruction," he explained. Those involved will be administratively and criminally free.

The São Paulo Association of Entrepreneurs of the Shopping Circuit (Apec), which represents shopkeepers, says that there is an internal inspection, but acknowledges that it has not been enough. "They have a lease agreement, and even this document says they can not sell these goods. The administration is on top of that, but the shopkeepers act at their own risk, "said Edmilson Osório, Apecc's lawyer. The Federal Revenue Office officiated the regional subprefeitura of Mooca informing that goods were smuggled and counterfeited in 27 boxes of the mall. Around 4:00 p.m., shopping malls were able to reopen.


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