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Federal Revenue raid seizes counterfeit watches in São Paulo

Held in partnership with the Metropolitan Civil Guard and São Paulo City Hall, Operation Chronos estimates to seize 500,000 counterfeit watches, about $ 50 million.

A Federal Revenue operation started on Tuesday (6) in the central region of São Paulo estimated to seize 500,000 counterfeit watches. The estimated value of goods is R $ 50 million. The expectation is that this could be the largest seizure of counterfei watches in the country.

With the support of the Metropolitan Civil Guard, 40 employees of Sé City Hall, 40 auditors and experts from the Federal Revenue Service, 123 stores of the popular Korai mall are being inspected, which is located at Rua Barão de Duprat, 225. The seized watches are smuggled. Because they are counterfeit, they will be destroyed after the due legal process ends.

Those involved will respond administratively and criminally in freedom. The operation should continue until Thursday (9).


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