Civil Police seizes more than R$ 50 million of counterfeit products

On Friday afternoon (17), the Civil Police finalized the "Operation Brás", which ended with three million counterfeit items seized. The four-day raid targeted an eight-story commercial complex on Vautier Street in São Paulo downtown.

There were more than 370 tons of products, with a total value of R$ 50 million, requiring 26 trucks for transportation. At least 200 people will be investigated for involvement in counterfeiting. The work that resulted in the seizure was planned and operationalized by the 1st Investigation Department on Immaterial Property (Antipiracy), of the State Department of Criminal Investigations (Deic). In all, 25 civil police officers participated in the action.

According to the delegate Wagner Carrasco, the investigations made so far must trigger other operations like this. "We are working on two fronts. Sales in popular retail outlets and at the other end where these products are manufactured. "

Actions like this have become increasingly frequent in the central region of São Paulo. The City Hall estimates that since 2018 more than one thousand tons of counterfeit or without invoice material were seized.