Police seize five tons of counterfeit footwear in Rio. Load came from Minas Gerais.

Police officers from DRCPIM - Delegacy of Repression to Crimes against Immaterial Property seized, last Friday, five tons of counterfeit footwear that would be sold by street vendors in Bangu and Campo Grande and also at an informal street market in Uruguaiana, Rio downtown.

According to the delegate Maurício Demétrio, the load is valued at about R$ 5 million. The goods came from Nova Serrana city, in Minas Gerais and was inside a truck, that was intercepted by police in Duque de Caxias.

Two people were arrested and the material taken to the police office, in Cidade de Polícia. Detainees will be held accountable for possession of counterfeit goods.

The police said that, during a period of 6 months, this is the forth time that a large load like that is seized by them.

Source: https://extra.globo.com/casos-de-policia/policia-apreende-cinco-toneladas-de-calcados-falsificados-no-rio-carga-vinha-de-minas-gerais-23724384.html