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Federal Revenue realized simultaneous operation in three Northeastern states to seize counterfeit pr

On Monday morning (17), the Federal Revenue launched an operation in the cities of Salvador, Maceió and Fortaleza, to seize counterfeit cellphones and loudspeakers with improper use of the JBL and Samsung brands.

In all, 75 Revenue servers are participating in the operation in the commercial centers of these capitals. At the end of 2018 and early 2019, seizures of these products were made in ports in the Northeast, after attempting to enter the country illegally through false declaration of contents. As a result, the Federal Revenue Repression divisions of these localities carried out searches in establishments that sell similar merchandise and surveyed companies that were marketing the same type of product identified in the seizures.

The operation is occurring simultaneously in 9 establishments of the commercial center of Salvador; 5 in the commercial center of Maceió and 1 in Jatiúca; and 16 in the commercial center of Fortaleza. The Revenue will apply a penalty of loss, because it is a commodity whose entry into the country is prohibited, and will destroy the seized goods, because they are counterfeit products. The agencie will also forward to the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office for prosecution purposes.


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