PCDF seizes five tons of counterfeit bags at Feira dos Importados

The owners of the stores will be identified and taken to police to give statement.

​Civil police officers executed 14 search and seizure warrants at Feira dos Importados. The aim is to repress the sale of counterfeit goods in commerce, in particular, handbags and bags. The action, called Operation Bag, was launched in the morning of Wednesday (07/31/2019) and resulted in the seizure of five tons of products.

The investigations, which lasted about three months, are conducted by the Consumer Protection Division (DPCON) of the Consumer Crime, Immaterial Property and Fraud Office (Corf). The owners of the stores will be identified and later taken to the police station for their testimony. The complaints were made by the brands themselves.

Source: https://www.metropoles.com/distrito-federal/policia-civil-faz-operacao-contra-pirataria-na-feira-dos-importados