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Police seized over 500 kg of counterfeit goods at Feirinha da Madrugada, in SP

Among the material are counterfeit clothes and toys.

Civil Police from the State Department of Criminal Investigations (DEIC) seized more than 500 kg of counterfeit goods at Feirinha da Madrugada, in Brás, East Zone of São Paulo, on Tuesday (6).

Among the material seized at "Operation Dawn" are fake coats, pants, shirts, and toys. Three people were detained to testify.

Tuesday's action featured 40 police officers in 15 vehicles. The Feirinha da Madrugada should gain a new space in August 2020.

The administration of the place said, in a statement, that "police action at Feira da Madrugada focused on the seizure of counterfeit goods in five of the nearly 2,000 boxes in operation," and that "merchants are on sale contracts." lease duly regularized ".

"The products being sold are responsibility of the tenants, and the administration does not have any control over the goods. The supervision of the products can only be carried out by the police. The administration of Feira da Madrugada supports and collaborates with the operations and commits itself to take appropriate action if any unlawful activity on its premises is proven, "the statement says.


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