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More than 5 thousand pairs of sneakers are seized during operation at BR-101 in RN

According to the Federal Highway Police, 80% of the seized products were counterfeit. The operation was in São José de Mipibu, in the metropolitan region of Natal.

The Federal Highway Police (PRF) seized 5,400 pairs of sneakers of different brands that were being transported in a Scania Truck at km 119 of BR 101, in São José de Mipibu, in the metropolitan region of Natal. The operation was carried out around 10 pm on Monday (12), but it was only disclosed on Tuesday (13).

According to the PRF, the cargo had irregular invoice, in addition to suspected of counterfeiting. A team from the State Taxation Department was called to investigate the irregularities. After finding the illegalities, the driver, the goods and the vehicle were sent to the flagrant center for legal proceedings.

The truck was sealed by the staff of the Tax Department and sent to the warehouse where the products were counted and audited. In addition to the crime of tax evasion, it was also found that about 80% of sneakers are counterfeit, which characterizes crime against trademark registration, provided for in law 9,279 / 96, which regulates rights and obligations relating to industrial property.

Coming from the city of Nova Serrana, Minas Gerais, the sneakers were being distributed in several cities of the Northeast, according to the corporation. Part of it had already been delivered in Maceió, Recife and João Pessoa, and the other part would be destined to Natal, Mossoró and Fortaleza.

"It is important to note that this was the fourth time that trucks of the same carrier, were caught by the PRF in partnership with the State Tax Authority, with irregularities in tax documentation. Such irregularities found in other seizures, resulted in assessments made by the tax authorities, in the amount of more than R $ 200,000.00. The counterfeit goods will be declared lost, "said the PRF.


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