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Man is arrested for selling counterfeit beverage in Osasco

A man was arrested last wednesday afternoon (14) for selling counterfeit alcoholic beverages in Osasco. In his possession were found empty containers and 95 bottles of fake whiskey of famous brands.

Civil Police officers from the 3rd Osasco Police Station (Demacro) were investigating reports that the resident of a property located on Rua da Alegria in Jardim São Pedro was selling counterfeit drinks to local bars and restaurants.

Upon investigation of the suspect site, Civil Police found a typical trade movement. The resident was approached and confessed the crime. He was arrested at the scene.

Inside his house, agents found drums filled with counterfeit alcoholic beverages, as well as empty bottles and over 95 bottles of brand-name whiskey ready for sale. The containers did not have the obligatory seals and seals required by the competent bodies. The drinks were seized and sent to forensics.


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