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Civil Police seized 14 tons of counterfeit footwear in Aparecida

The Civil Police seized, on Thursday (26), around 14 tons of counterfeit footwear during an operation against piracy in the city of Aparecida.

A team from the 1st DEIC- Intangible Property Investigation Police Station (State Department of Criminal Investigations) inspected about 15 stores in the city's commercial center.

Irregularities were found in eight establishments and the materials found, were seized and sent to the expert. Owners of the goods may be prosecuted for crimes against intangible property.

“We listened to eight people who had possession of this material. If the reports prove the counterfeiting, these people will be prosecuted, ”said Chief Officer Wagner Carrasco, head of the General Investigations Division (DIG). Also according to a delegate, the material will be kept by the companies that own the brands. 20 police officers and seven vehicles participate in the action, as well as 11 people from law firms representing the brands.


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