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Deic seize five tons of counterfeit footwear and bags in Franca, SP

Replicas of famous national and international brands were found in ten factories. In all, 10 people will be investigated for industrial property crime, police say.

Five tons of fake bags and shoes were seized on Thursday (7) in Franca (SP). The material was found during Operation France 3, held by police officers from the State Department of Criminal Investigations (Deic).

According to the Civil Police, the products are replicas of national and international brands such as Schutz, Arezzo, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, LouisVuitton and Michael Kors.

According to Wagner Carrasco, coordinator of the operation and head of the 1st Anti-Piracy Police Station, ten companies were the target of search and seizure warrants.

Forty legal representatives of the brands accompanied police work in factories in the Jardim Paulista, Paulistano, Jardim Petraglia and Jardim Redeemer neighborhoods.

"The operation system and logistics are the same as in a normal factory. They have their contact networks to market and establish this logistics, to make the distribution to other municipalities in the state of São Paulo as for the center of the capital, ”says the delegate.

Ten people will be investigated for industrial property offenses. Despite the blatant factories, the factories were not sealed.All material seized was forwarded to Deic's office in São Paulo (SP) and, later, will be directed to the companies responsible for the original brands.


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