Police operation finds deposit of counterfeit goods in downtown Porto Alegre

Three floors of a commercial building on Avenida Júlio de Castilhos were full of material without origin, such as clothes, appliances, among others.

An operation carried out by the Civil Police in partnership with the Federal Revenue on Monday (10), found out thousands of counterfeit goods and in a building in Porto Alegre downtown.

Three floors, of the four located on Avenida Júlio de Castilhos, were filled with goods ranging from clothes and appliances, to cell phone cases and umbrellas. Many products are still sealed, making identification difficult. According to the delegate responsible for the investigation, Joel Wagner, the site was being monitored by the police. "We found several documents that will help us to identify those responsible," he says.

Further details were not disclosed so as not to hinder the investigations, says the delegate. Still according to Wagner, from this operation the police hope to identify other places that are used as a deposit for counterfeit goods in Porto Alegre. "We were very surprised by the quantity found. And we know that there is certainly more," he says. The Civil Police sealed the place and as of tomorrow, according to the delegate, will make the verification of the fiscal regularity together with the Federal Revenue.

Source: https://g1.globo.com/rs/rio-grande-do-sul/noticia/2020/02/10/operacao-policial-encontra-deposito-de-produtos-falsificados-no-centro-de-porto-alegre.ghtml