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DF criminals manufactured and sold counterfeit hand sanitizer on the web

Stealers, who are being targeted by the Civil Police of the Federal District and Procon, mix hair gel in the product. With high demand and little supply, criminals are taking advantage to profit from the sale of hand sanitizer on the internet. The product is one of the main weapons in the fight against the new coronavirus.

With clandestine factories and improper handling of flammable liquids, offenders put the lives of others and their own lives at risk. The items used in the mixtures vary from hair gel, ultrasound solution and ethanol.

The manufacture is done in an improvised way, in houses and warehouses in the Federal District. The items, of low cost and unproven effectiveness, after mixed, packaged and labeled, are sold on a large scale to drugstores and on the web. The final price for the consumer, even if it is a clandestine product, is salty. It varies from R $ 25 to R $ 50 per unit.


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