Civil Police seized 30 thousand pieces of counterfeit clothing in Gaspar

Police raid was carried out last Monday, 15.

The Civil Police closed an illegal trade in counterfeit clothing and carried out 11 search and seizure warrants in Gaspar last Monday afternoon, 15. Around 30,000 pieces of clothing were found, in addition to slippers, labels and tags, which would generate revenues of R $ 6 million, if they were sold by the original brands.

The operation was carried out through Gaspar's Investigations and Captures Sector (SIC) and had the support of the Ilhota Civil Police, in addition to the Criminal Investigation Division (DIC) and the Brusque SIC.

According to police chief Bruno Fernando, investigations began after the legal department of companies affected by the counterfeiting reported the crime. Given the facts, the civil police of SIC de Gaspar conducted an investigation that lasted for months.

During this operation, they were able to identify the scheme for manufacturing, storing and selling various branded clothing. The products were sold on the internet and sold all over Brazil, with deliveries made by carriers or by post.

The police located a shed at the Gaspar Center that stored about 30,000 pieces of clothing from 26 brands, 473 pairs of slippers, 4,000 labels and 17,500 tags. According to the police, if the items were sold by the brand owners, they would generate revenues of approximately R $ 6 million. In view of the facts, the perpetrators of counterfeiting and marketing of products will be held liable for crimes against trademark registration, unfair competition, against consumer relations, fraud in trade, money laundering and tax evasion. However, the Civil Police informs that the investigations will continue to investigate the others