Man is arrested for counterfeiting beverage in clandestine factory.

According to the Sorocaba Civil Police (SP), the site was at the bottom of a cellar; bottles with whiskey, labels and counterfeit seals were found.

A man was arrested on Thursday (16), in Sorocaba (SP), for counterfeiting beverages. According to the Civil Police, in his house, where there was also a store, bottles with whiskey, labels and counterfeit seals were found. A clandestine factory operated at the bottom of the cellar and the police said they had arrived at the site after receiving an anonymous report. Search and seizure warrants were carried out and agents from the Health Surveillance and the Brazilian Beverage Association followed the action.

The drinks were tested and technicians proved the counterfeiting. According to the police, the adulterations were made with sugar, dyes, essences and alcoholic cocktails. A total of 140 bottles of whiskey were seized, ready for sale. The poor conditions of the place caught the attention of the agents, in addition to many bottles being dirty.

According to the police, a 23-year-old nursing technician responsible for the site was arrested. Empty bottles, lids, seals, seals and material used for filling the drink as a funnel were seized. The Civil Police and the Sanitary Vigilance stated that there is a risk in the consumption of the clandestinely manufactured product. The police also identified that the stronghold of the winery would be sales by delivery, which operated 24 hours a day. The owner even had an attendant who took orders and a courier to deliver.

The main customers, according to the police, were commercial points on the outskirts of Sorocaba and young people who participated in funk dances.

The cellar was sealed by the Surveillance and the site will lose the business license. The man will be indicted for adulteration of substances and food products, in addition to falsifying public papers and crimes against the tax order.