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Federal Revenue intercepts 21.6 tons of counterfeit 'luxury' products at the Port of Santos

Among the seized material, Federal Revenue inspectors found footwear, clothing and eyewear bearing luxury brands, as well as electronics and accessories.

The Federal Revenue intercepted at the Port of Santos, on the coast of São Paulo, a container containing 21.6 tons of counterfeit products. As disclosed by the agency on Wednesday (5), the material of Chinese origin was passing through Brazil and was destined for the port of Montevideo, in Uruguay.

In the seized cargo, footwear, clothing and eyeglasses bearing luxury brands were found, as well as soccer team shirts, chargers, batteries and cell phone cases. The material was pressed into boxes and bales in order to fit the largest possible amount of merchandise inside a container.

In one week, the Federal Revenue seized more than 40 tons of counterfeit goods at the Port of Santos. Another shipment was intercepted last Wednesday (29), totaling 22 tons of counterfeit goods. All the material, coming from China, was destined for the port of Montevideo.


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