Police arrest suspect of maintaining ‘homemade factory’ for counterfeit beverage in Bauru

Anonymous reporting took police from the 13th BAEP to a house in Jardim Pagani. At the site, containers and several fake stamps were seized.

The Military Police arrested a man suspected of maintaining a scheme for counterfeiting alcoholic beverages in a home in Bauru (SP).An anonymous tip took police officers from the 13th BAEP (Battalion of Special Police Actions) to a house on Rua João Virgínio de Souza, in Jardim Pagani, on Wednesday night (26).

At the site, the resident admitted the practice of counterfeiting and police found large quantities of containers with unidentified liquid inside and several fake stamps of known brands.

The material was seized and the suspect was sent to the Police Station, where he was detained pending a custody hearing.

Source: https://g1.globo.com/sp/bauru-marilia/noticia/2020/08/27/policia-prende-suspeito-de-manter-fabrica-caseira-para-falsificacao-de-bebidas-em-bauru.ghtml