Federal Revenue, Civil Police / RJ and Federal Police make the biggest seizure of TV box sets in the

Joint operation gives organized crime a loss of R $ 50 million.

A joint operation between the Federal Revenue Service, the Civil Police and the Federal Police, which is underway this Friday (9/10), is resulting in several simultaneous seizures in the Port of Itaguaí and in the Dry Ports of Nova Iguaçu and Resende, throughout the State of Rio de Janeiro.

The seizures are the result of exchanges of intelligence information between the Division of Surveillance and Suppression of Contraband of the Federal Revenue, the Coordination of Special Resources of the Civil Police and the Federal Police. Tv box sets, which are used to access television channels by circumventing the official services of producers, in violation of copyright, crime against immaterial property and smuggling.

The seizure already represents a loss of more than R$ 50 million to organized crime, specifically to groups of militiamen who are dedicated to smuggling and this criminal modality.

The Federal Revenue informs that this seizure is the largest in the country's history in relation to TV box sets. The trend is that the number of devices seized still increases during the operation.

After the seizures and administrative procedures of the Federal Revenue, all information will be directed to the Federal Police to continue investigations in the investigation of crimes within the jurisdiction of the Federal Justice.

Source: https://www.gov.br/receitafederal/pt-br/acesso-a-informacao/acoes-e-programas/acoes-da-receita-federal/noticias/2020/outubro/7a-regiao-fiscal/receita-federal-policia-civil-rj-e-policia-federal-fazem-a-maior-apreensao-de-aparelhos-de-tv-box-do-pais