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Police find shed with about R$ 2 million in counterfeit shoes in BA; products were seized

Shed owner, located in Feira de Santana, will respond to the lawsuit. Twenty-five employees worked on the site; sales were made on a wholesale basis and over the internet, police said.

A large quantity of counterfeit brand shoes was seized on Monday (16), in Feira de Santana, a city about 100 km from Salvador. The action was carried out by civil police officers from the Police Station for the Suppression of Theft and Cargo Theft (Decarga).

According to Decarga, the merchandise is valued at about R$ 2 million and was located in a warehouse in the CIS neighborhood, after complaints.

"We received a complaint and went to find out. They had shoes in general, all of them counterfeit. These products were seized, and the representatives of the brands arranged to send two carts to collect the material. We estimate R$ 2 million", reveals the delegate of Decarga, Gustavo Coutinho.

The delegate also informed that the material will be in another deposit, available to the Justice. "At the end of the process, it will be made available to brands that can recycle or send for destruction. They cannot be sold because they have not undergone quality control and can cause risk to the consumer," he explains. According to the delegate, the owner of the shed was located and will respond to an irregular inquiry, however the case is not one of imprisonment. He is from Feira de Santana, and 25 employees worked in the shed. "They sold wholesale and also over the internet. All merchandise came from Nova Serrana [Minas Gerais] and the Minas Gerais police have helped us too," said the delegate.


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