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Civil Police investigates commercialization of counterfeit products and seizes items in Santos, SP

Suspect will be indicted for committing the crime of fraud in commerce and against trademark registration

The Civil Police seized several counterfeit products in Santos, on the coast of São Paulo, last Friday (15). According to the corporation, a 36-year-old man is being investigated on suspicion of selling the items over the internet.

The seizure was made by officers of the 5th Police District (PD) of the city, at a property in the Vila Mathias neighborhood. Also according to the police, the agents collected cell phones, laptops, watches, clothes, sneakers, glasses, card machines and boxes that would be used to send the products.

The products were sent to forensic analysis. The corporation adds that the suspect, will be indicted for the crime of fraud in commerce and crime against the trademark registration.


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