Counterfeit electronic products are seized in store at Carlos Gomes

Thousands of electronic items, cell phone accessories and counterfeit toys were seized at a store located at Av. Carlos Gomes, in Salvador. The operation, which received the name of Legal Consumer, was launched this Tuesday, 4, by the Federal Revenue and by the Department of Consumer Protection (Decon). The action, which investigates the crimes of smuggling led to the owner being taken to the police station. Brand representatives are present at the operation.

"Products like these, which do not go through inspection agencies, can cause various damages to society, such as explosions and domestic accidents, in addition to having no guarantee", reported the head of Decon, delegate Maria Aparecida Guerra.

According to the Civil Police, the collected items will be sent to Decon and, later, to the IRS. "Everything that is suspected of being counterfeit and without paying taxes is removed. Thereafter, the counterfeit products are destroyed and the originals without an invoice can be donated or go to auction," informed the Federal Revenue auditor Klaus Schlucking.