Deic seizes about two tons of counterfeit goods

Civil police officers from the State Department of Criminal Investigations (Deic) seized, on Monday (17), about two tons of counterfeit products inside a warehouse in the central region of the city of São Paulo. The seized items include designer bags and packaging. One person was eventually referred to make statements.

The action was carried out by policemen from the 1st Police Station for Investigations on Immaterial Property of the General Investigations Division (DIG).

The team detected that in the region of 25 de Março a replacement deposit could be installed to supply popular points of commerce in the area. The establishment was located in a property on Rua Florêncio de Abreu. All stock ended up learned.

The person responsible will be held responsible for a crime against industrial property.

Source: Deic apreende cerca de duas toneladas de produtos falsificados – Policial (