Federal Revenue broke gigantic scheme for selling counterfeit goods via e-commerce in São Paulo

It is estimated to seize around 1.5 million pairs of counterfeit sneakers.

The Federal Revenue, with the support of the São Paulo City Hall, started this Tuesday, April 27, the "Operação Patrão". The action aims a property of large dimensions that would be used for the storage and distribution of illegal goods.

The warehouse, located in the south of São Paulo city, has four floors. It is estimated that there will be 1.5 million pairs of counterfeit sneakers at the location, with a market value of R$ 112 million. One hundred computers were also found, which would be used for online sales. At the site, there was also a carrier and a post to ship the orders. These characteristics make the operation the largest ever involving the seizure of counterfeit goods for sale in e-commerce.

The title of the operation refers to the person allegedly responsible for the illegal establishment, who would be the real owner of several luxury goods, acquired with illegal resources and registered in the name of third parties. The Municipality of São Paulo supports the action through the Subprefecture of Santo Amaro, assisting in the logistics of goods removal and the Metropolitan Civil Guard, which preserves the perimeter of the place, ensuring the security of due diligence. The City Hall informed that the property will be interdicted.

The practices identified by the Federal Revenue harm Brazilian traders, importers and producers who act correctly, subtract legitimate jobs and evade taxes, which are no longer collected in public coffers. Copyrights and trademarks are violated, discouraging investment by legitimate entrepreneurs in Brazil. There is also a notorious violation of consumer rights with clandestine products that do not meet security requirements. In addition to the loss of seized goods, generating millions at a loss for organized crime, those responsible will be represented by smuggling and other related crimes.

Source: https://www.gov.br/receitafederal/pt-br/acesso-a-informacao/acoes-e-programas/acoes-da-receita-federal/noticias/2021/abril/8a-regiao-fiscal/operacao-patrao-receita-federal-desmonta-esquema-gigantesco-para-venda-de-mercadorias-falsificadas-via-e-commerce-na-capital-paulista