Federal Revenue expands Operation Segunda Dose to three other addresses in Brás

Only in the mall initially inspected, approximately 450 tons of counterfeit goods were seized.

The Federal Revenue, with support from the São Paulo City Hall, expanded, this Tuesday morning, December 15, the scope of “Operation Segunda Dose”. Originally focused on a shopping mall in Brás, in the central region of the capital of São Paulo, the Operation was extended to three other addresses in the vicinity. In these places, goods warehouses operate.

In one of the warehouses, a person was spotted leaving with fake shoes. In the other two, no one was present and smuggled shoes were also found. In just one day of checks on these three properties, 612 volumes were removed.

The operation should continue until next Friday. Also on Tuesday, the removal of the goods seized at the mall was completed. In all, 164 boxes were inspected. The seized goods are estimated to have reached 450 tonnes. 47 trucks were needed to transport the 8,870 volumes.

Source - https://www.gov.br/receitafederal/pt-br/acesso-a-informacao/acoes-e-programas/acoes-da-receita-federal/noticias/2020/dezembro/8a-regiao-fiscal/receita-federal-amplia-operacao-segunda-dose-para-outros-tres-enderecos-no-bras