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Federal Revenue helds operation in commercial establishment and retains imported beverages

It is estimated that 1,200 bottles of retained drinks add up to R $ 500 thousand in market value.

On the morning of December 1st, the Federal Revenue in Curitiba carried out, within the scope of Operation Escudo, and in a joint action with the Federal Police, the retention of wines and other imported drinks in a commercial establishment in the city of Araucária / PR, in the region metropolitan. The action was motivated after complaints that there would be commercialization of drinks of foreign origin in the place and through the internet, below the price normally practiced in the market.

The seizure occurred after the proof of regular importation of the goods was not confirmed, either due to the lack of an invoice or other document that proved the legal origin.

The products were taken to the Customs warehouse of the Federal Revenue in Curitiba for accurate calculation of the quantities and issuance of the tax assessment notice. Among the retained items, most were made up of wines of Argentine origin. The initial estimate is approximately 1,200 bottles, adding up to a total amount of R $ 500 thousand in market value.


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