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Federal Revenue seized more than 20 thousand pairs of counterfeit sneakers

Products were intercepted when they were being dispatched at the Post Office Distribution Center.

The Federal Revenue in Minas Gerais carried out the seizure of pairs of counterfeit sneakers that would be shipped through the Post Office. The action was triggered by the Repression Division on the 21st, 22nd and 25th of this month, but it was only disclosed on Friday (29). The shipments were spotted at the Post Office distribution centers in Contagem, in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte. More than 30,000 boxes were inspected and approximately 20,000 pairs of sneakers of various foreign brands were seized in an irregular situation, unaccompanied by sales receipts. The total value of the seizures exceeds the amount of R$ 1 million.

The goods were mostly sent from the municipality of Nova Serrana, to recipients throughout the country, from sales made in marketplaces. These seizures help fight the illegal trade in goods, unfair competition and piracy. Most clandestinely imported products cause serious harm to public health and safety. In addition, the clandestine introduction of counterfeit and pirated products that do not collect the taxes due causes unfair competition with reputable importers and products manufactured in the country, which causes losses to the national industry with a consequent increase in unemployment, a phenomenon that specialists call importing unemployment.


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