Federal Revenue seizes 24,800 TV box sets in Itaguaí / RJ

The amount of the seizure is R $ 18,600,000.00.

The Federal Revenue seized, on Tuesday (23), 24,800 TV box sets in two containers at the ZL Log Customs Industrial Logistics Center, in Itaguaí / RJ. The operation is the result of the risk analysis work carried out by the Division of Vigilance and Suppression against Contraband and Embezzlement of the Federal Revenue in the 7th Fiscal Region (RJ / ES).

The amount of the seizure is R $ 18,600,000.00.

It is worth remembering that, in the last four months of 2020, the Federal Revenue seized around 900 thousand TV Box sets. In Rio de Janeiro alone, there were approximately 800 thousand units, equivalent to a loss of R $ 600 million for organized crime. With today's work, the Smuggling and Smuggling Enforcement and Enforcement Division has already seized 107,000 TV box sets in 2021. The role of the Federal Revenue is primarily aimed at protecting society, in addition to preventing enrichment by criminal organizations.

Source: https://www.gov.br/receitafederal/pt-br/acesso-a-informacao/acoes-e-programas/acoes-da-receita-federal/noticias/2021/marco/7a-regiao-fiscal/receita-federal-apreende-24-800-aparelhos-de-tv-box-em-itaguai-rj


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