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Federal Revenue seizes almost 124 thousand TV Box sets in the Port of Rio de Janeiro

The amount of the seizure is R$ 37,140,000.00.

This Thursday (15), the Federal Revenue Customs in the Port of Rio de Janeiro seized 123,800 TV Box sets. Thi is the result of Federal Revenue hard work in combating customs illicit acts. The total amount of the seizure is R$ 49,520,000,000. An important consequence of this work is the reduction in the revenue earned by organized crime. In this case, the loss amounts to approximately R$ 53 million. According to the Federal Revenue Delegate in Porto do Rio, tax auditor Pedro Antônio Pereira Thiago, "as the Federal Revenue is charged with combating customs illicit acts and crimes of smuggling it is a State institution that protects society, preventing that products whose import may cause damage to the economy, health and environmental health enter the country ". The Federal Revenue's activities are primarily aimed at protecting society, in addition to preventing enrichment by criminal organizations. In addition, the Institution inhibits the practice of crimes that generate unemployment, tax evasion and unfair competition to industry and regularly installed commerce.


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