Federal Revenue seizes more than 20,000 adulterated TV Box sets in the Port of Santos

In an operation carried out this Tuesday (3/8), the Federal Revenue, acting together with the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), seized about 20 thousand TV Box sets at the Port of Santos. The cargo has an estimated value of R$12 million. The devices were tampered at the factory to piracy of pay channels, movies and other restricted content.

During the inspection, it was found that the entire imported cargo was made up of devices generally known as TV Boxes, FTA receivers (open signal, usually transmitted by satellite and sometimes in the VHF or UHF bands), all of which contained software installed intended for illegal and unauthorized access to numerous pay TV channels and other paid applications, through their illegal release to signals transmitted by satellite.


The illegal practice harms telecommunications companies and poses security risks. Some models can cause explosions, shocks, exposure to electromagnetic fields above the limits recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and interference in cellular networks and even in air traffic. These devices also facilitate clandestine access to users' personal data, images, videos and financial information.

Source: https://jornalocal.com.br/policia/receita-federal-apreende-mais-de-20-mil-aparelhos-de-tv-box-adulterados-no-porto-de-santos/