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Footwear and counterfeit clothing are seized on the border between Bahia and Alagoas

The load of a truck, which had counterfeit shoes and clothing, was seized by the Federal Highway Police (PRF), on Tuesday, 16, at km 79 of BR- 423, in Delmiro Gouveia (AL), municipality that borders Bahia.

It were found 13,784 pairs of shoes of famous brands, however, with signs of counterfeiting. In addition, 560 garments were also seized. All the merchandise was without tax documentation.

The products that left the state of Minas Gerais would supply stores in various sectors of the Northeast region. A preliminary report was issued attesting to the illicit origin of the products.

The driver of the vehicle, a 30-year-old man, said he was unaware of the 'quality' of the material he was transporting. As well as reported that this was his first trip with this truck.

The occurrence was forwarded to the Civil Police of Delmiro Gouveia (AL), for the crimes of tax and industrial property.


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