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Hundreds of fake shirts of the Brazilian National Team are seized in Belém city

"Operação Camisa 10" seized fake 'amarelinhas' in commerce in the capital of Pará. Those responsible must answer for crimes against trademark registration and for misleading consumers.

Hundreds of counterfeit shirts of the Brazilian National Team were seized in Belém. The police operation called "Camisa 10" was launched on Friday ( 25 ) to investigate crimes against trademark registration, consumer relations and fraud in trade.

Shoppers sought the Consumer Police Station of the Civil Police of Pará reporting that products with defects and no quality were being sold in commercial in the capital of Pará.

These customers also complained that they were not entitled to exchange the products.

"We received the complaints and began investigations to give an answer to customers who come to us reporting the inconvenience after purchases," said delegate Yuri Vilanova.

The seizures occurred in different establishments and the cargo was taken to the Division of Investigation and Special Operations (Dioe). The police reported that hundreds of shirts were seized, but did not detail the exact amount.

No arrests were made, but those responsible for the places where the seizures took place "will be held liable for crimes against trademark registration and obligations relating to industrial property, deceiving the consumer by selling counterfeit or spoiled goods, and crimes against the consumer relationship," the Civil Police said.

Investigations are ongoing. After undergoing expertise and decharacterization of the counterfeit trademark, the products should be donated to needy communities.


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