In Pará, Sefa seizes 4,548 pairs of counterfeit shoes from Minas Gerais

The cargo had moccasins and sneakers from Nike, Adidas and Converse brands and inspectors from the Department of Finance (Sefa) were suspicious about the authenticity of the products.

Officials of the Secretariat of Finance of Pará (Sefa) seized 4,548 pairs of counterfeit shoes from Minas Gerais. The cargo had loafers and sneakers from well-known brands such as Nike, Adidas and Converse. The seizure was on Monday (6), at the Merchandise Coordination unit in Trânsito do Itinga, on BR-010, in Dom Eliseu, in southeastern Pará.

The total value of the goods is R$169,844 thousand, and the value of the Term of Seizure and Deposit (TAD) was R$40.423 thousand, referring to tax plus fine.

According to the coordinator of the fiscal tax unit for state revenues, Roberto Mota, the merchandise had an invoice, but the Itinga inspection team suspected the authenticity of the products. The cargo was collected at the unit's warehouse and checked, and the Department of Finance contacted the shoe manufacturing companies, which issued reports pointing to the counterfeiting of the products. "We contacted the Civil Police of Dom Eliseu, because in the case of counterfeit made in Brazil, it is the competent authority to carry out the appropriate criminal procedures. The goods will be delivered and a police report will be drawn up," informed the state revenue inspector.