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Limeira Civil Police discovers counterfeit perfume factory and arrests 27 suspects

Thousands of counterfeit imported perfumes were seized in the 'factory' warehouse, located in the Parque Hipólito neighborhood; owner had already been through the police for the same crime.

The Civil Police of Limeira (SP) detained 27 people at a counterfeit perfume factory this Tuesday (8). Thousands of boxes with counterfeit imported perfumes were seized at the site.

The police arrived at the "factory", which is located in the Parque Hipólito neighborhood, around 10:00 am on Tuesday. During the operation, a car that was at the scene was also seized. The vehicle had 10 boxes of perfumes that would be sold in Campinas (SP).

Hundreds of cardboard boxes were found in the place and inside them several packages with perfumes. Until the publication of this report, the amount had not been informed by the Civil Police.

The factory also operated the "laboratory" where essence mixtures were made and perfumes were produced.

The two owners of the factory were arrested, as well as 25 others. One of the owners had already been with the police in 2019 for the crime of forgery, according to the Civil Police.

All detainees were taken to the police station in Cordeirópolis (SP), where the case will be registered as forgery, corruption, adulteration or alteration of cosmetic products. It remains to be seen whether everyone will be trapped.

The Municipal Guard of Limeira also participated in the action.


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