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Load of counterfeit footwear, shirts and bags is seized in a joint operation

A joint operation by the Federal Highway Police (PRF), the Finance Secretariat (Sefa) and the Federal Revenue seized more than 15,000 pairs of shoes, 646 shirts and 290 bags. It was a cargo of counterfeit products.

The seizure took place on the 18th of this month, informed the coordinator of the Carajás unit, Gustavo Bozola.

“The truck coming from Minas Gerais, bound for Marabá, was stopped on BR-155, between Marabá and Eldorado, by the Federal Highway Police. Sefa and the Internal Revenue were notified to analyze the merchandise and it was found that it was of national origin. The truck was taken to the inspection post of the Coordination for the Control of Goods in Transit in Carajás, where the count was carried out and the companies were asked to provide information on counterfeiting of the goods,” explained Bozola.

Manufacturers of the original brands sent reports attesting to the counterfeiting. The counting and sorting work lasted five days and the total number was 16 thousand pieces. There were 15,213 shoes, including sneakers, flip-flops, and bags and shirts valued at more than R$300,000.

"In addition to the presence of the PRF and the FR, we also had the support of the Coordination of goods in transit, Sefa, in Belém. This shows how important the joint work between the bodies is, in the inspection of goods", said coordinator Gustavo Bozola.

According to Procon Pará, the purchase of counterfeit products entails risks to the health and safety of users, in addition to causing losses in tax collection.


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