Load of R $1 million cigarettes from Paraguay is seized by PM and PRF in MT

Police officers from the 5th BPM of Alto Araguaia (415 km from Cuiabá) along with agents of the Federal Highway Police arrested this Wednesday (13.01), a man for smuggling.

The police carried out an operation when they stopped the driver of a Mercedes Bens truck, with a license plate from the city of Comendador, in Minas Gerais, in the central area of ​​the city.

During the inspection of the cargo, it was discovered that the man was carrying boxes of cigarettes produced in Paraguay to the city of Mineiros, in Goiás. The cargo was valued at R $ 1 million.

Source: Carga de R$ 1 milhão de cigarros vindo do Paraguai é apreendida pela PM e PRF em MT - Primeira Hora