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Man found with 1,200 bottles of booze in Tangará

Products without due payment of customs duties were seized at SC-135 this Sunday (27)

This Sunday (27), the Military Highway Police (PMRv) seized more than 600 bottles of wine and 660 bottles of sparkling wine with a young 20-year-old at km 149.4 of SC-135 in Tangará city, in the Midwest of Santa Catarina.

The beverages, which were purchased without due tax payment, were seized with the assistance of the Federal Highway Police (PRF) and the Military Police (PMSC).

The car Fiat/Strada, from Criciúma city, was approached by the military road police and, inside and in the vehicle's trunk, the gents found the beverages of foreign origin, without tax clearance.

The goods were valued at about R$ 40 thousand.

The young man and the drinks were taken to the Federal Revenue of Joaçaba.


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