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Ministry of Justice and Public Security launches campaign "Pirated Vaccine, No!"

Objective is to warn consumers about illegal sale of vaccines against Covid-19 over the internet

With the slogan "Pirated Vaccine, No!", the Ministry of Justice and Public Security launches, through the National Consumer Secretariat (MJSP/Senacon), a campaign on social midias to combat the marketing of counterfeit vaccines against Covid-19. The objective is to warn the consumer that, at this moment, only the public power, through the Unified Health System (SUS), is authorized to provide the vaccine, free of charge.

The National Secretary of Consumer Matters and President of the National Council to Combat Piracy, Juliana Domingues, explained that Senacon is analyzing more than 2,000 virtual pages suspected of somehow offering pirated vaccines or inducing consumers to error. In addition, Senacon will also scan e-commerce platforms (marketplaces), aiming to identify illegal ads and marketing.

"This commercialization is a crime and brings risks to the health and safety of the Brazilian citizen. We are launching the campaign on social midias of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security to warn consumers that there is no internet purchase of vaccines against Covid-19", he explains. The secretary reinforces that the vaccine against Covid-19 is free and that it is distributed only by the Unified Health System.

Source: Ministério da Justiça e Segurança Pública lança campanha “Vacina Pirata, não!” — Português (Brasil) (

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