More than 300 tons of counterfeit soap powder are seized in Minas Gerais

About 300 tons of counterfeit soap powder were seized in the cities of Divinópolis and São Gonçalo do Pará, in the Midwest of Minas Gerais. The operation is a result of investigations that resulted in two other large seizures of the product, of approximately 75 tons, in Nova Serrana - the same region - in the months of June and August of last year. One of those responsible for the warehouse was arrested.

According to the Civil Police of Minas Gerais (PCMG), two trucks, six trailers, three forklifts, three concrete mixers, three production conveyors, 13 digital scales, thousands of seals and counterfeit cardboard boxes for packaging the product, two cell phones and several books with accounting and employee notes were seized.

The Health Surveillance and the State Revenue were informed and attended the sheds. The company responsible for the brand was sued for tax evasion and has provided the necessary technical and logistical support.

Source: Mais de 300 toneladas de sabão em pó falsificadas são apreendidas no Centro-Oeste de Minas (