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More than R$ 3.75 million in smuggled cigarettes are found in Pérola

The warehouse of thousands of boxes of cigarettes was hidden inside kills the banks of a vicinal road.

The Federal Highway Police (PRF), in an integrated action with the Federal Police (PF) and Brazilian Army (EB), seized early saturday afternoon (30), in Pérola, about 750,000 packs of cigarettes hidden in the middle of the forest. No one was found in the smugglers' depot.

Around 12:00 p.m., after an anonymous information, the teams moved to a vicinal road in Pérola.

Inside the forest, the teams found the place that was used as a warehouse of smuggled goods, it has been seized about 750,000 packs of cigarettes. There was no one at the scene.

To transport the approximately 1,500 boxes of merchandise it was necessary to use five trucks and a van.

Source: Mais de R$ 3,75 milhões em cigarros contrabandeados são encontrados em Pérola (

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