Operation against piracy seizes counterfeit glasses and frames in Recife

Federal Revenue and Civil Police visited three warehouses, four stores and one residence. Machines that would be used to print famous brands on frames were also collected.

A joint operation between the Federal Revenue and the Civil Police resulted in the seizure of counterfeit glasses, frames and lenses, this Thursday (6). Machines that would be used to print the symbols of famous brands on imported frames were also collected. The teams were in through three warehouses, four stores, in addition to executing search and seizure warrants at a residence in the Tamarineira neighborhood, in the North Zone of Recife, to comply with Operation Cristalino's search and seizure warrants. One of the addresses was on Avenida Dantas Barreto, in the central region of the capital. "The goods inside the store are counterfeit: frames, glasses and lenses. Both goods that were already counterfeited from abroad, as well as frames that were counterfeit here," said tax auditor Gustavo Medeiros.

According to the auditor, part of the machines that would be used for counterfeiting were sent to the Institute of Criminalistics and must undergo expert examination. Investigations, initiated in January 2021, are conducted by the Consumer Police Station. "These goods, the vast majority, are Chinese. We can even see them by their characteristic boxes. These goods can achieve so much without the printed mark, for later printing, as is the case here, but they can also pass between the legal goods, the goods already with the printed marks, already counterfeited from China ", pointed out Medeiros. In all, eight search and seizure warrants were carried out. The crimes investigated are against the consumer, against consumer relations, qualified reception, fraud in trade, unfair competition, in addition to crimes against the brand and patent. The Civil Police said that the total amount of material seized and details of the investigation should be released later in a press conference.

Source: https://g1.globo.com/pe/pernambuco/noticia/2021/05/06/operacao-contra-pirataria-apreende-oculos-e-armacoes-falsificados-no-centro-do-recife.ghtml