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Police burst into the factory of counterfeit beverages in Nova Iguaçu

DRCPIM agents targeted addresses that, according to the investigation, are linked to Rondinele de Oliveira Bellas, who has already been arrested twice for counterfeiting alimentary products

Civil Police officers of the Police Department of Repression of Crimes Against Immaterial Property (DRCPIM) fulfilled, on Wednesday (13), search and seizure warrants in establishments in Nova Iguaçu, in Baixada Fluminense, which sold counterfeit alcoholic beverages.

The addresses, according to the investigation, are linked to Rondinele de Oliveira Bellas, who the police claim to have already arrested twice and framed in article of the Penal Code which provides that it is a crime to counterfeit food products. This time, the man was again charged for the offense.

In one of the locations, the police found a factory of counterfeit drinks, where hundreds of alcoholic beverages were seized, as well as labels, empty bottles, caps, boxes, and other utensils that the DRCPIM says were used to bottle the products.

The officers also seized alcoholic beverages of inferior quality and price to those sold by Rondinele, which according to the investigation were bottled in bottles of drinks of famous brands, of much higher quality and price (see photos below).

Rondinele was taken to the DRCPIM headquarters, in the Police City, to provide explanations. Besides the crime against industrial property, he can also be framed in other offenses that the investigation may identify.

The specialized unit also pointed out that the alcoholic beverages were bottled "in disagreement with the standards in force," which the police warn can cause "serious harm to health. The seized material was sent to the expertise of the Civil Police.


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