Police closes counterfeit detergent powder factory in Nova Serrana

There were 23 people working and the structure was for large-scale production. Nine tons of counterfeit laundry detergent were seized.

It was located in Nova Serrana, a city in the Center-West of Minas, a place with the structure of a factory that was being used for the production of counterfeit detergent powder.

According to the Military Police of the 60th Battalion, 23 people were working at the site in the manufacture/adulteration of a product alluding to powdered soap with equipment for large production.

In the factory shed, located in the Industrial District, in addition to the people working, there were approximately 18 thousand packing material, forklifts, scales and around 900 boxes.

Approximately nine tons of counterfeit laundry detergent were also found. A 49-year-old man who identified himself as the production manager was arrested and taken to the Nova Serrana Civil Police Station.

The technical expertise of the Civil Police was called in and attended the scene. The company responsible for the brand that was being counterfeited was called in and was responsible for sending a representative to assume ownership of the cargo.

Source: https://www.em.com.br/app/noticia/gerais/2021/08/05/interna_gerais,1293149/policia-fecha-fabrica-de-falsificacao-de-sabao-em-po-em-nova-serrana.shtml